An Efficient & Affordable Automobile Dealership Management Software System

AutoBooom+ is the ultimate solution for automobile dealers to manage their business, trusted by 2000+ dealers.

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AutoBooom+ Modules for Dealerships That Give Their Customers The Best Experience

AutoBooom+ helps automotive dealerships be more proactive in their processes. Dealers can manage their inventory, customer needs, and finance easily with AutoBooom+. The AutoBooom+ garage management software is an easy to use, cloud-based system that will keep your dealership running smoothly.

Vehicle Spare & Service

Automatic purchase order (ROL) base and consuption wise) job card system to manage all client history. Job close reminder.


All GST reports like GSTR1. GSTR2. GSTR8 etc, ledger dues aging report, bank reconciliation system, interset calculation,

Vehicle Sales

Powerful enquiry management system (pre-sales follow-up)/CRM register, multi branch/stock transfer modules.

AutoBooom+ An Automotive Dealership Management Software (DMS) For EV/ 2, 3 & 4 Wheelers, Tractors & HEEMM)

AutoBooom+ is a power packed hybrid of agile and waterfall model and comes with all important modules required by an Automotive Deale like pre-sales (lead/enquiry management), sales, purchasing, service/after sales, inventory management & financial accounting etc.It connects OEMs and companies, distributors, dealers and customers, providing a smooth and enriched operational experience.

Some of The Features

  • Pre-Sales Follow-Up | CRM
  • Vehicle Sale | Network Sale | Branch Sale
  • Vehicle Purchase | Vehicle Order
  • Stock | Aging | Transfer Management
  • Battery Exchange | Inventory
  • Accessories & Spares Management
  • Many More...

AutoBooom+ Cloud ERP For OEM (EVs & Internal Combustion Vehicles)

AutoBooom+ is a cloud based ERP an automotive workshop management software that efficiently manage the core business functions from purchasing, inventory, dispatch, finance and customer relationships to reporting and analytics. This ERP can also be integrated with 3rdÔÇ»party applications to work as a single data source for your entire business.

Some of The Features

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • KIT Management | BOM Management
  • Order | Purchasing Raw Material
  • Production Planning & Management
  • Auto Population of Data at Dealer's End
  • Assembly Unit Management
  • Many More...

AutoBooom+ Garage Management Software For Multi-Brand Automobile/Workshops

AutoBoom+ is designed to cater all the requirements of multi-brand workshops, garages.This is the perfect billing software for automobile workshop to manage the entire servicing of vehicles at such workshops.

Some of The Features

  • Job Order Management
  • Spares Inventory Management
  • Customer History & Vehicle History
  • Cashless Billing (Insurance)
  • Spares Billing (Counter)
  • Auto Generated Service Reminders
  • Insurance Reminders
  • Spares Order Management
  • Spares Stock Management
  • Customer Dues | Receipts | Gate Pass
  • Many More...

Gain An Edge In Automobile Dealership Management Software With AutoBooom+ Add On Solutions

Any business is incomplete without the proper software in place and this is especially true for automotive dealerships. AutoBooom's add-on solutions, like data backup, loyalty card program, real-time tracking, finance management, and billing software for automobile workshops, can help them manage the business more effectively.

Advanced Analytics

AutoBooom+'s add on solutions can help you manage your dealership more effectively.Tally bridging allows you to connect your accounting software with AutoBooom+, so you can keep track of your inventory and financials in one place. Cloud backup ensures that your data is always safe and accessible, even if your computer crashes.

Managerial SMS

Daily workshop summary SMS(total sale, cash & credit sale, vehicle reporting & expenses etc.) will be sent to workshop manager's or owner's number

Loyalti Card Program

This is a customer referral program. Customer will get a super quality matte finish card which is printed with your dealership's logo & details with graphics. And many more

Cloud Backup

Data backup will be saved on cloud on daily basis. If unfortunately you lost your data or system, you can have the latest data from cloud.

Tally Bridging

All Account data from AutoBooom+ will be exported to tally on a single click. You don't need to re-enter the accounting data in Tally

Dealerships of the following 22+ companies are using AutoBooom+

Apart from this we have corporate collaboration with Yamaha India


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does an automobile dealership management Software do?

Automobile Dealership Management Software systems allow a dealership to carry out all of the daily tasks that come up, including sales operations, finance operations, service operations, and more; it is crucial that these tasks are coordinated with one another.

2.Why do you need garage management software?

Garage management software has many advantages. In addition to time and money savings, it can also improve client satisfaction. It will also aid in removing problems that the company deals with on a daily basis.

3.Why is automotive workshop management software important?

Due to this scenario, every workshop, garage, and car shop should invest in the appropriate automotive workshop management software. This automotive dealership management software will take care of scheduling customer appointments and jobs for your technician or bays, resulting in less confusion and complete control.

4.Are all accounting reports available in this garage management software?

Yes, all accounting reports including GST Reports are available in AutoBooom+.