About Innojar

Satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement and we are getting the results!

Innojar Tech is a software development company and a global provider of IT and Process Outsourcing services. We provide application infrastructure software for the development, deployment, integration, and management of business applications. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of information technology while minimizing its complexity and total cost of ownership. Our commitment is to provide solutions that translate into tangible business outcomes for our customers. We focus exclusively on maximizing client returns from outsourcing and offshoring. We have extensive experience in managing large IT applications in real time. Our solutions aim to provide high value by optimizing the cost of ownership of technology investments for customers.

The company’s onsite/offshore delivery model provides significant cost savings. These help us to continually provide high value, high-quality deliverables to our clients. We have consistently delivered to client expectations and have established long-lasting relationships with them.

Innojar Tech combines the best of all worlds-focused industry expertise, deep service offerings and proven global delivery-into one agile and scalable firm. Our evolution has allowed us to:

  • Achieve the global infrastructure essential for the professional services firm of the future.

  • Initiate a new industry dialogue on what constitutes a best-of-breed single source provider.

  • Position ourselves to play a truly transformational role in the IT services industry by coupling management consulting capabilities with a cost-effective, agile delivery model focused on clients’ emerging needs.

Our Objectives

Our values-based global culture, process language, and management style ensure a consistent approach and response throughout all the geographical regions in which Innojar Tech operates. These policies help us deliver an array of tangible and intangible benefits to our clients, including:

  • Project teams committed to client success.

  • Rapid knowledge transfer.

  • High retention of people and knowledge.

  • Open, honest communications.

  • Promoting personal success.

Our wealth of global talent translates into extremely high associate retention rated over 90%. For our clients, this ensures not only the certainty of having the best people for their projects but also the benefit of uninterrupted work.

At Innojar Tech we believe that the quality of an organization’s processes is reflected in the satisfaction of the customer. That is why we employ a metrics-driven system for process excellence.

Excellence in delivery processes is a continuous endeavor at Innojar Tech involving necessary changes in processes, introducing new tools & techniques, and adopting best practices across the organization.

Through our quarterly process review by the management, we identify process improvement opportunities and corrective & preventive measures. We aim to create complete customer experiences through high-quality standards, transparent practices, and exhaustive communication mechanisms.

“To be competitive and proactive in providing software solutions to customers by continuously striving to exceed their expectations.”

Innojar Tech processes, products, and organizational structure are geared towards ensuring that every delivery to the clients passes through our stringent quality measures. This policy has engendered a work culture that believes in stretching innovative thinking to its limits and exhibiting a no-compromise attitude towards quality.

In Quality Process consulting services from Innojar Tech, we provide process-consulting services to clients who are looking to upgrade process quality of their IT initiatives.

Our Quality Improvement Program is based on business needs, technology changes, customer feedback, suggestions, and process performance. We have instituted processes that enable the transition to new technologies and enable continuous process improvement.